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ENGLISH GRAPHIC - TOM LUBBOCK  English Graphic is a book of essays on the subject of illustration, with the focus entirely on English artists using graphic media; drawings, prints and watercolours. The pieces are largely drawn from Tom Lubbock's weekly Great Works column for the Independent, with some longer pieces originally published as reviews or catalogue essays. The historical span of the book is broad - from the Uffington White Horse to the Winchester Psalter Hellmouth to Harry Beck's London Underground Map and beyond. The high point of English Graphic art in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century makes up the heart of the book, with Fuseli, Blake, Bewick and Palmer all the subject of extended essays. The fifty or so images range from the visionary to the empirical, from folk art to caricature. Connecting and overlapping ideas on line and shape run through the book; maps, islands, clouds, swarms, wombs, skins, dots, contours and boundaries. Energetic, coherent and strange, English Graphic presents an electrical storm of ideas and illuminations provocatively argued by one of our most brilliant writers on art. (Francis Lincoln, 2012, Sewn HB, 210pp, isbn 9780711233706, £20)

This is the first full-scale monograph on British artist John Craxton (1922-2009), a key figure in post-war painting. Craxton was a well-connected artist with a passion for Greek life, light and landscape. He travelled around the Mediterranean after World War II, finally settling in Crete from 1960, where he continued to develop his Romantic pastoral themes in sunburst images influenced by Byzantine mosaics. He also created scintillating ballet and book designs. Ian Collins's engaging text is informed by his many conversations with the artist, who was also a celebrated wit and story-teller, and is supported by more than 200 reproductions of life-affirming paintings and drawings. (Lund Humphries, 2011, HB, 184pp., £35, isbn 9781848220690)  

A HISTORY OF SCOTTISH ART - B. SMITH AND S. SKIPWITH  A History of Scottish Art is the first comprehensive survey of what is widely recognized as being the finest private collection of Scottish art in the world. The Fleming Collection is internationally renowned for its works by many of Scotland's most prominent artists - works that date from 1800 to the present day and include pieces by early nineteenth-century artists, the Scottish Colourists, the Glasgow Boys, the Edinburgh School, and many contemporary Scottish names. Scottish art - long overlooked in the context of British art - is now enjoying a splendid renaissance. This beautifully illustrated book examines over 200 works by such well-known artists as Henry Raeburn, David Wilkie, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and Elizabeth Blackadder, many of which have never previously been illustrated or documented, as well as providing an invaluable history of many important but little-known Scottish artists. (Merrill, 2003, HB, 288pp, isbn 978185894, £39.95)


TURKISH CINEMA: IDENTITY, DISTANCE AND BELONGING The first comprehensive study of the cinema of Turkey to be published in English. A recurring theme in the book is the Turkish quest for a modern identity in a world where borders, attitudes and people themselves are shifting and relocating. Turkey is a society striving to reconcile modern attitudes to morals with traditional values and centuries-old customs and its films reflect these contradictions. Against this background Gonul Donmez-Colin evaluates contemporary Turkish filmmakers, as well as the films of those who have left and those who have been exiled from Turkey. Themes of internal and external migration, as well as the voices of the 'denied identities' such as the Kurds are integral to the book. Gender and sexuality, taboo subjects that only the new generation of filmmakers dare to expose are also discussed homosexuality, lesbianism, honour killings, and incest are some of the ground-breaking points of the author's account. Written by a film scholar familiar with Turkish language and culture who has undertaken extensive research both in Turkey and its neighbouring countries, this is an indispensable reference for students of cinema and Middle Eastern studies, as well as the general reader interested in this dynamic, rich and thoroughly modern national cinema. (Reaktion, 2008, PB, 272pp, isbn 978186183703, £17.95)


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