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We have books here for children of all ages. From colourful and robust board books for the very youngest to classic stories by Oliver Jeffries (Lost and Found), Ronda Armitage (The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch) and Peter Harris (Night Pirates) We also have a couple of shelves devoted to early readers and through to teen fiction.  On this page we would like to showcase one publisher that we really do admire.  BAREFOOT BOOKS  produce gorgeously illustrated titles with an emphasis on tales drawn from around the world. Titles include:

The Beeman

Find out where honey comes from as Grandpa the Beeman teaches the basics of beekeeping to his young grandson. This rhyming story includes endnotes full of essential facts about bees, beekeeping, honey, and the vital part that bees play in the natural world.  Ages 5 to 9 years.   Written by Laurie Krebs. Illustrated by Valeria Cis. (PB, £5.99)

The Adventures of Odysseus

As Odysseus fights to find his way back home after the long and brutal Trojan War, he has to endure harrowing ordeals and adventures, and come to terms with devastating losses. Storytellers Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden’s graphic retelling breathes new life into this great classic. Retold by Daniel Morden, Hugh Lupton. Illustrated by Christina Balit. (PB, £7.99)

Mama Panya's Pancakes

A Village Tale from Kenya

Glimpse into a Kenyan village with the story of Mama Panya and Adika’s market day and learn an important lesson about community and the rewards of sharing. Includes a helpful map, facts about Kenya, Kiswahili greetings, and even an easy-to-make pancake recipe.  Ages 4 to 10 years.   Written by Rich Chamberlin, Mary Chamberlin.  Illustrated by Julia Cairns. (PB, £6.99)

Tenzin's Deer

Meet Tenzin, a kindhearted boy who discovers a wounded musk deer high up in the hills. In this Tibetan tale, Tenzin nurses the deer back to health, and must learn the most important lesson of all: how to love enough to let go.  Ages 5 to 10 years.   Written by Barbara Soros.  Illustrated by Danuta Mayer.  (PB, £6.99)

Lola's Fandango

Lola is a young Spanish girl in awe of her glamorous older sister. However, she discovers  her own talent and duende, or spirit, through secret fandango lessons from her father. The text is infused with the rhythms, movements  and sounds of the dance and the humanity of Lola’s family is beautifully portrayed by Micha Archer’s collage-paintings. Book with story CD features narration by the Amador family.  Ages 4 to 10 years.  Written by Anna Witte.  Illustrated by Micha Archer.  Narrated by The Amador Family. (PB with Story CD, £6.99


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