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Yes, digital is the way the world is going, but we still think there is still a lot to be said for owning a few physical CDs, alongside your sound clouds and spotify lists!  Why? Because they're a conversation starter up there on your shelf, and you'll get the artwork, photographs, lyrics, guaranteed sound quality. A lot of our CDs are beautifully packaged, often with glossy photos and insightful essays about the musicians; well, there's the case for, anyway! 

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We also have scores of foreign, cult and arthouse films on DVD. A typical title would be  Victor Erice's 1973 masterpiece THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE, centred on the psychological damage wrought on a couple by the Spanish civil war, and the power of childhood imagination as evoked by their daughter's identifying the doomed Frankenstein's monster with a soldier on the run nearby.  Then we have French new wave classics, Italian neo-realism, the gorgeous animated eco-fables of Miyazaki, and critically acclaimed gems from Goodbye Lenin to Chico and Rita.


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