MEMORYHOUSE - MAX RICHTER   Resurrected from a Late Junction recording with the BBC Philharmonic in 2002, this beautifully elegiac neo-classical music draws on a certain sort of C20th  central European melancholia through a series of musical postcards that are titled ("Maria the Poet (1913)"; "Sarajevo") but which are left for us to fill in with our imaginations.  Pieces begin quietly with a poignant violin line, or some whispering, or melancholic piano, or a harpischord, before building in many cases, through minimalism to sweeping and deepening strings, a soprano line and a sense of catharsis.  War-torn cities, unrequited love, rain in November, a meeting in Prague, fading memories... this is my favourite autumn album. (Fatcat Records, 2009)


Tuesday to Saturday 10 - 5


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